Outdoor kitchen pizza ovens

Alfa Ovens: Family tradition for over 40 years


Whether you prefer a modern contemporary or a classic look, you can achieve the perfect outdoor kitchen with our pizza ovens. Do you want the efficiency of gas and do you love the flavour of the wood fired cooking?

Our ovens are built to satisfy all your needs, with high quality weatherproof materials, designed to last in time with an elegant modern touch and attention to the details for a comfortable outdoor cooking experience. Choose an Alfa oven, choose the best.

Taking cues from a rich history of craftsmanship and tradition, our design team redefined the concept of luxury wood fired ovens. Applying new techniques and shapes they have developed trademarked products with a unique design for your homes exterior environment. The high quality material guarantees the best and the most efficient performances in wood fired ovens.

By tradition, the wood oven has always been the best device for cooking pizza and bread. The high temperatures as well as the refractory floor make it perfect for Italian dishes. These same qualities also make other kinds of cooking not only possible but even preferable. Try grilling meat, fish and vegetables. Learn how to use the flame and temperatures for different levels of cooking and dishes. Taste the uniqueness of aroma of wood. Our oven is your cooking machine, what will you make next time?

Our goal is to offer not just an oven but a style of life. The Alfa lifestyle is sober elegance, modernity in tradition, practical beauty in rounded shapes and unusual colors. Above all it’s a sharing of time and laughter, of family and friends, getting together around the cooking of good food. As only we Italians know how to do.

Choose the residential wood fired oven that best suits your personal needs. Your outdoor cooking experience will be full of flavor every day. Enjoy grilling, baking and stewing delicious meals and test yourself with our yummy recipes. Our pizza ovens are characterized by a careful design, high quality materials and attention to details. We produce furnishings suitable for both rustic and modern design homes, for use indoors, in the garden or on the terrace. Alfa transforms the traditional way of cooking into an object of design. Discover the full range of wood-fired ovens of Alfa.


Our Features

Muscles of steel and refractory heart

Multiple layers of high quality European Ceramic Fiber that completely surrounds the oven and resistant up to 2000°F.
Alfa’s unique baffled airflow system provides more circulation of flame and heat allowing the oven to reach higher temps much faster.
3 cm of Alfa refractory brick, made 100% in house provides better heat absorption and retention than the competition
Commercial Rock Wool insulation is less dense and looser fiber and only resistant up to 1100°F.
Generic flue system allows the heat and flame to escape the oven chamber immediately requiring more time to reach desired temperatures.
Commercial grade mix comparable to dense lava stone demands longer time for heat absorption and retention.

Beauty meets innovation in a unique oven


Our made-in-Italy design is the result of nonstop research. The purpose that has motivated our R&D department for many years is to offer our customers the best technical performance coupled with a truly memorable sensorial experience. A powerful combo of form and authenticity. Clean and sharp lines to meet the most stringent aesthetics criteria and simultaneously guaranteeing a maximum functionality.

Made in Italy since 1977

Each of our ovens is a unique and exceptional item, a crucible where the creativity, the professionalism and the all-Italian technological innovation fuse together to satisfy the customer needs. Using our oven is an impressive experience as much as putting it in your home is a feast for the eyes.

Innovation is at home at Alfa. Every product is conceived and developed in our plant right by Rome fully respecting traditional materials and processing techniques.

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