The passion for flame, an Italian taste

By tradition, the wood oven has always been the best device for cooking pizza and bread. The high temperatures as well as the refractory floor make it perfect for Italian dishes. These same qualities also make other kinds of cooking not only possible but even preferable. Try grilling meat, fish and vegetables. Learn how to use the flame and temperatures for different levels of cooking and dishes. Taste the uniqueness of aroma of wood. Our oven is your cooking machine, what will you make next time?

Our goal is to offer not just an oven but a style of life. The Alfa lifestyle is sober elegance, modernity in tradition, practical beauty in rounded shapes and unusual colors. Above all it’s a sharing of time and laughter, of family and friends, getting together around the cooking of good food. As only we Italians know how to do.

Stainless steel ovensThe ForninoxTM technology is an evolution of the traditional wood oven. it’s our invention, an all Italian art. The refractory dome is replaced by a stainless steel one already insulated, guaranteeing high temperatures in very reduced times (350°C in 15 minutes). The structure is slim and comes with convenient wheels, making it light and movable.
Accessories for wood-fired ovensA large selection of premium quality and 100% made in italy accessories. For your wood fired oven or your bbq cooking. You can purchase the best products for all your needs in outdoor and indoor cooking. Our products are specially designed to be easy and fun. Choose the best pizza peels, grill tools, log holders, wooden pizza peel, peel holders in the market.

Choose the residential wood fired oven that best suits your personal needs. Your outdoor cooking experience will be full of flavor every day. Enjoy grilling, baking and stewing delicious meals and test yourself with our yummy recipes. Our pizza ovens are characterized by a careful design, high quality materials and attention to details. We produce furnishings suitable for both rustic and modern design homes, for use indoors, in the garden or on the terrace. Alfa transforms the traditional way of cooking into an object of design. Discover the full range of wood-fired ovens of Alfa.



The first Italian producer of stainless steel ovens


Our Features

Muscles of steel and refractory heart

Original patented hand made italian design
3 cm refractory bricks made in house
Double layer of european insulation
Stainless steel structure under the floor
Double layer dust coating is heat and weather resistant
Multi functional cooking system
Innovation and tradition

Since 1977 – A tradition in innovation


Our story began in 1977, when two cousins from the south of Italy, Rocco and Marcello, decided to build a wood fired oven for their backyard parties. They envisioned that their ovens should be aesthetically beautiful since they would be featured in the backyards while entertaining. It was important that the ovens looked as good as they cooked. After much trial and error, The Forno Tradizionale was born.

Our story flashes forward to summer 2010, where now the two families are involved in the company along with their fathers. During a party, Rocco’s son Andrea, noticed that all of the guests loved the food, but didn’t like having to wait 3 hours for it to be ready. He suggested that their patented heat flow technology, which currently worked great in their stainless-steel heaters, should be utilized in the ovens as well. Although both Rocco and Marcello were very skeptical at first, especially since The Forno Tradizionale had been a favorite of consumers for many years, Andrea was able to persuade them to let him try the idea. But only if the design stayed true to the original ovens. It worked very well: the smallest oven reached a working temperature in just 10 minutes and baked pizzas for 50 people in only one hour! Our story continues with both the continuous innovation as well as the families traditional roots evident in every oven that is produced – from making our own bricks to our patented flue design we are dedicated to setting the kitchens free and providing The Italian art of cooking outdoors for the world to enjoy as we do!

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